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Saving Shuli


In this modern take on the Israeli Burekas film genre, Shuli, a young Israeli, gets abducted during his post-military trip to Columbia. His father, Avihu, decides to fly to South America and try searching for his son's kidnappers.For the mission he recruits his best friend Nati and his brother-in-law Betzalel. After encountering the snatchers in Columbia, they move the kid to the Medellín Drug Cartel. There, he agreed to train the Cartel members given the fact he was a soldier in the IDF. With the help of Coral, from the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs, and Andrea, a young local girl, the group locates Shuli in the heart of the jungles of Tairona. Not before they’ll find their way through an ayahuasca ceremony, hallucinogenic frogs, getting lost in the jungles, fighting in bulls’ fights and facing many more shenanigans along the way.

Genre:  Comedy

Countries: Colombia - Israel


Ban Bachar


Uri Katz


Tango Films - Green Productions