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Master butcher Maria Gissenwehrer wears her heart on her sleeve and makes no compromises. Especially not when it comes to her only passion: the award-winning white sausage, prepared according to an old recipe and refined again by herself. When her brother Kristian is out with a leg in a cast, the grumbler must do what she is least good at - or dislikes: winning people over and convincing them of something in a friendly way. It is about the sausage in two senses, namely an export order to Argentina and the rescue of their ailing family business. With her pubescent nephew Caspar in tow, Maria reluctantly embarks on the adventure. Her first experiences in Buenos Aires surpass even her worst fears: White sausages end up on the grill, are abused with knives and drowned in ketchup sauce. Anyone who treats their specialty in such a barbaric way doesn't deserve it. Unfortunately, she still has no choice. In order to land the urgently needed major order, Maria must jump over her own shadow. As usual, she tackles this challenge consistently. And in fact, quite a lot will soon be in motion - not only in the matter with the white sausages, but also in her life.

Genre:  Comedy - Drama

Countries: Uruguay


Markus Herling


Markus B. Altmeyer


Ariane Krampe Filmproduktion - ARD Degetto Film - Tango Films