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Global warming has placed the destiny of our planet in jeopardy, becoming one of the primary threats for humanity. This is the story of that dilemma and of the secrets that lie hidden in Antartica, under kilometers of ice. Miguel, a Spanish geologist expert in polar studies, will be joining an expedition to go in search of Manuel Elorrieta, a renowned philanthropist who disappeared in the frozen continent. But on the way, he learns that the real motive behind the journey is something else, and that what they´re really searching for is a strange anomaly buried under the ice, the same one that the Nazis searched for decades ago. The surprise is shared by all when they discover an ancient pyramid, a finding that will question the significance of the expedition, and in turn, the origin of the human race.

Genre:  Science Fiction

Countries: Argentina - Spain


Sebastian Araya


Sebastian Araya - Julio Rojas


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